We offer a variety of services for various conditions. There are many conditions in which we specialize in including both chronic and acute injuries. read more
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Manual Physical Therapy

Manual Physical Therapy at KinetaCare

Our physical therapists specialize in manual therapy, "hands-on" techniques, to evaluate the muscles, fascia, nerves and joints. Meaning you therapy will not be someone supervising you exercising. We focus on the comprehensive approach with every patient. The most common conditions we treat include lower back pain, sports/running injuries, headaches, whiplash, knee, shoulder and ankle injuries. We treat acute (recently happened) and chronic (long term) injuries. Each patient will receive a thorough evaluation based on a comprehensive multi-system approach involving joint mobility, soft tissue assessment and a neurological examination. Additionally, each patient is assessed using a muscle imbalance approach based on the most current research and prescribed a specific exercise program which can be incorporated into your regular workout program. Once the assessment is complete, a plan of treatment is discussed with the patient to restore normal function to the injured area.

At Sport and Spine, all of the therapists have training and experience in various manual techniques(hands on approach). They incorporate these techniques to facilitate a quicker return to function while progressing the patient through rehabilitative exercise programs so the improvement lasts.  Each patient is treated as an individual and the treatment that patient receives is customized to their individual needs.

Our therapists have an excellent reputation in the Rocky Mountain region and are dedicated to the newest and latest techniques of Manual Therapy. They participate in continuing education courses, teaching and lecturing nationally and internationally and conducting their own research.  

Edo Zylstra is the co-founder of GEMt (Global Education of Manual Therapists) and is currently focused on educated the PT population in the technique Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN).  To read more about this treatment click here.  To read more about GEMt and it's training programs please visit

Joanna Goldin, PT is the co-founder of Therapy Concepts in which some of the most prolific physical therapists have been invited to teach and present the latest in physical therapy techniques and research to local and regional therapists.

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Manual Physical Therapy Definition

"Orthopaedic Manual Therapy is a specialized area of physiotherapy / physical therapy for the management of neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions, based on clinical reasoning, using highly specific treatment approaches including manual techniques and therapeutic exercises. Orthopaedic Manual Therapy also encompasses, and is driven by, the available scientific and clinical evidence and the biopsychosocial framework of each individual patient."

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